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South Carolina

Coastal Wetlands | Low Country Blackwater | Mountain Rivers & Lakes
The Trifecta of Beauty and Serenity

Handpicked South Carolina Kayaking Adventures

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Coastal Wetlands

Our coastal kayaking multi-day trips offer a variety of styles and locations. Join us for a multi-day kayaking camping adventure to an undeveloped barrier island with a boneyard appearance, or come on out for a certified instructor led kayak class. When it comes to kayaking, we know there are different “strokes” for different folks. Our coastal kayaking trips vary from calm easy water to more dynamic water and surf conditions for a little added excitement. 

The Low Country

Traveling just a few miles inland from the coast lies the vast “low country” expanse of South Carolina.  Dive deep into the low country with our overnight or multi-day kayaking adventures to explore the southern swamp forests and lakes. Shaded liquid alleys lined with centuries old tupelo and cypress adorned with long hanging tinsel made up of Spanish Moss. The sounds of nature come alive in these hidden gems of South Carolina.

Mountain Streams & Lakes

Tucked away in the mountain valleys are some of the most scenic paddling trails the state has to offer. The clear flowing water travels down from the mountains offering some fun playful class I & II rapids along the way. The lakes are bordered by boulders, cliffs and waterfalls. Our multi-day adventure to Lake Jocassee explores the waterfalls cascading into the lake which are discreetly tucked away in hidden coves accessible by boat or kayak.