Destination Kayak


Membership Program

Exclusive (Member-Only) Kayak Trips

We are an ALL INCLUSIVE kayak club providing you with everything you would need for a day on the water.

Equipment Provided

One of the best and most unique qualifiers of our club is you don’t need your own kayak or gear. We have a fleet of kayaks that are offered on our exclusive member-only trips. Our kayaks range from sea kayaks to recreational sit-on and sit-in kayaks, and even a few “surf” kayaks! With each trip we plan we list the available kayaks that are suitable for the trip offering you a selection of premium quality kayaks at your disposal. You tell us which kayak you want and we will handle all the heavy lifting, trailering, and unloading to get it to and from the trip location. All we ask from you is to show up smiling and ready to paddle!

Shuttle Transportation

Solving the logistics of a shuttle from a starting point to an ending point can be a nightmare! While other local clubs tend to struggle with this, we keep it simple. No messy vehicle or kayak configuring on our kayaking trips. You just decide whether you will meet at the office, or the starting point. You  don’t even have to deal with loading or unloading the kayaks! We will bring our high occupancy van and kayak trailer to make shuttling a breeze and headache free. Its the simple life that makes all the difference in having a worry-free, stress-free, time on the water.  

Trip Planning

Our lead trip planner, Justin, is a retired US Navy Meteorologist. During his career, he specialized in recognizing impacts from weather and oceanography through his 20 years of service. Additionally, he has extensive experience with geospatial intelligence, which means he has a gift when it comes to finding those “hidden gems” for kayaking. Post Navy retirement, he received a Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor certification by the world recognized and accredited ACA (American Canoe Association). His specialty is planning and leading trips to have the most enjoyable experience possible while keeping safety a top priority. 

Discount Pricing: Multi-Day Adventures

As a member you will also have a few exclusive discount privileges. Enjoy a huge 20% discount on our multi-day adventures and classes. Every year we put together a variety of multi-day trips or classes that are anywhere from a single overnight to a 6 night adventure. As a member you will get priority booking ahead of the general public and your price will be substantially lower with your exclusive discount. Additionally, we organize a pre-order discount sale for members only on exceptional gear such as jackets and paddles if you’d like to upgrade to a little personal equipment on trips.

Getting Signed Up

Signing up easy and affordable.  Request a detailed information pamphlet about all the in’s and out’s of the membership by emailing us at: [email protected] or by giving us a call. When you’re ready, simply give us a call and you will be well on your way to kayaking freedom. After enrollment you will receive a unique member code giving you access to our exclusive member-only day trips as well as many other awesome benefits.