Destination Kayak


Kayak Skills Camp: Learn How to Kayak With Confidence

Camp Kayak Classes: What to Expect?

Strokes & Maneuvers:

Paddling a kayak is easy, but to paddle in a safe and efficient way takes practice. Professional training can go a long way to improving your performance. For this category we will dive into a variety of strokes. Additionally, we will experiment with proper stroke technique and how and when to use what stroke.

Swimmer Rescues:

This class will tackle all the techniques and skills to safely and efficiently get your buddy or maybe even yourself back in the kayak. We will go over assisted rescues with a buddy, as well as, self rescues. There are many ways to re-enter a kayak. This class will cover a variety of styles to find the right rescue for you.

Edging & Bracing:

Have you heard of edging or bracing? These two maneuvers are the “extra  credit” of kayaking. Edging can help you turn and control your boat with ease. Bracing is the first step to preventing a capsize. To summarize, these strokes are your confidence boosters and energy savers. Find out how they work in this indepth class. 

Kayak Rolling:

This class is what we call…”Challenge by choice”. If you are looking to reach this milestone, we want to help. Our rolling sessions are an in depth look into the science and mechanics of a good roll. We will break down each step of the roll with hands on assistance and guidance. The progression is slow to start, but before you know it you could be rolling!

Trip Availability

Rates & Booking Info:

  • Dates: September 13-17, 2024

  • Regular Price: $550-600/person (Members save up to $120 w/ code)

Included Features:

  • 4 Nights at Hamilton Branch State Park

  • Tent Site
    Water & Electric at each site

  • Firewood at Host Site
  • Evening Socials
  • ACA Certified Instruction
  • Basic & Advanced Stroke Class
  • Safety & Rescue Class

  • Edging & Bracing Class
  • Kayak Rolling Class

Additional Options (Tent Rentals):

Tent Rentals

  • Basic Tent Rental:

    Includes set up and take down of a  4 person tent all to your self. There is enough interior height to comfortably sit on your air mattress but, if you are looking for standing height check out the premium tent with a 6 1/2 foot interior clearance and more space!

  • Premium Tent Rental:
    This tent is a large 6 person and has a high clearance for easy standing inside the tent. Like the basic it includes all set up and take down.
  • “The Lauire Package” Tent Rental

    The Red Carpet Treatment…  Includes all the bells and whistles of tent glamping. Enjoy a taste of home with a high clearance tent adorned with floor rugs, luxury air mattress, and other comfort items to add a slice of luxury, style, and “bougie” comfort during your stay. All set up and take down is, of course, included.

Trip Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival day: Check in after 2:00pm and get settled and oriented, evening social at host site
Day 2-4: Class Days Paddle stroke refinement, intro to advance strokes, break-out group sessions, rescue skills (Sit-on-top & sit-inside), live scenario workshops/exercises. Individual assessments/critiques. Evening social gatherings at host site for “bush-T.V. and smores’.
Day 5: Check-out day: Class Review & Feedback. Check-out 11:00AM

What to Bring:

  • One liter water bottle (refillable)
  • Daily meals & snacks
  • Sunscreen, bug repellent

Recommended Items:

  • Self-Rescue Paddle Float (Found on Amazon)
  • Bilge Pump (For sit-in kayaks)
  • Farmer john/jane wetsuit (OPTIONAL)
  • Nose Plugs for rescue class
  • Bring your own adult beverages (for evening meals/socials)

Personal Kayak Requirements:

  • 14′ + Sea Kayak with bulkheads fore & aft, paddle, flotation jacket, sprayskirt. If you do not have a kayak to meet this requirement, we have rental kayaks available when booking. Rental will include spray skirt, paddle, and flotation jacket.


  • 12′ + Sit on top kayak, paddle, flotation jacket. If you do not have a sit-on-top kayak to meet this requirement, we have rental kayaks available when booking. Rental will include paddle and jacket.