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Kayaking in Tides, Currents & Winds

A seated land-based, class aimed to educate paddlers and give them the know how for planning and executing trips in tides, currents and winds. Quality brain food provided from: Chick-Fil-A®

  • Course Cost: $35/person
  • Course Includes: Certified instructor, course material hand outs, open forum discussions, and Chick-Fil-A® Catering
  • Course Length: Approximately 5-6 hours (with social breaks for meeting and talking with other paddlers)
  • Course Includes: Certified instructor, course material hand outs, open forum discussions.
  • Course Location/Venue: J & L Kayaking
  • Bring your favorite comfy camping chair!

Course Instructor: Justin Summerall

Justin served 20 years in the US Navy as a certified weather forecaster and oceanographer. He spent his time forecasting and briefing environmental impacts to missions around the world. Shortly before his retirement from the US Navy, he earned his ACA (American Canoe & Kayak Association) Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor certification and recently received his Level 4 Open Water Kayaking Certification. He has been guiding and leading trips along the South Carolina coast and backwaters for nearly 15 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience, forecasting, adapting, mitigating, and working with dynamic environmental conditions involving tides, currents, waves and winds.

Course Material:

Tides & Currents:

On this subject we will talk about a variety of subjects to help you plan and paddle your kayak trips with more confidence and a better understanding of tides. Understand current flow and how to paddle with more confidence. We will discuss:

  • How and where to find accurate tidal data for your planned trip.
  • Learn the “rules of thumb'” for predicting tide behavior.
  • Gain the advantage by planning your trip with the most advantageous conditions.
  • Make educated trip adjustments by recognizing micro-scale impact elements (weather, islands, flats, channels, eddies…etc)


Winds are the Achilles heel of kayaking but it doesn’t always have to be. We can make the difficult- less difficult or even easy with proper technique and an educated analysis of the environment and conditions. In this class we will discuss:

  • Understanding the impacts of winds on a kayak (physics of weathercocking)
  • Windward & Leeward Terminology
  • Gaining an advantage using topography
  • Recognizing fetch areas and avoiding them when possible
  • Wind and current interaction and the effects
  • Paddling techniques/adjustments and using trim in wind (Turning upwind, downwind, crosswind, etc…)
  • Skeg and/or rudder use and effect paddling in wind.

Sign up and come on out for an incredible class taught in an easy to understand format with open forum. Meet other local paddlers and grow you kayaking family over some class discussions and Chick-Fil-A comfort food!

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